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Areas of expertise

To honor our Confidentiality policy we don't disclose our client's information. Instead, we provide a list of some of the fields we have done research and have experience translating into Spanish. Should you need references, we will be glad to provide you with the information you need.

Administrative law

  • All fields


  • Basic & vat pasteurization
  • Cultivation
  • Usage of chemical products
  • Safety


  • Birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates.
  • Eminent domain
  • Insurance and real estate contracts
  • Hotel management


  • Educational materials
  • Individualized educational programs
  • Policies
  • Special education

Unemployment insurance

  • How to apply for benefits and continue claiming
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Automated services
  • Appeal procedures

Human resources

  • How-to manuals
  • Employee guidelines
  • Policies and procedures
  • Safety procedures

Law and business

  • Contracts
  • Hospitality industry administration
  • Business communication
  • Permits for transit of remains


  • Forensic pathology
  • Preventive and emergency medical procedures
  • Physical therapy
  • Natural medicine


  • Adaptation
  • Tape transcript
  • Video and movie scripts
  • Radio and TV commercials

Natural resources

  • Environmental education
  • Land use conditions and permits
  • Forest and timber practices
  • Water and energy conservation

Public health

  • Communicable diseases
  • Maternal and child health prevention and outreach
  • Alcohol & drug abuse prevention
  • AIDS awareness

Public transportation and safety

  • Community prevention
  • How to utilize services
  • Marketing materials
  • Traffic safety


  • Telephone services
  • Recycling
  • User instructions
  • Wireless communication
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