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ACS has been providing experienced, certified translators and interpreters to individuals, private corporations, health providers and government agencies since 1995. Indeed, 80% of our clientele are long-term, repeat customers.

Translators and interpreters are not interchangeable. This is an important point to drive home; the two professions require very different skill sets and unless specifically trained for both jobs, the two, though clearly playing in the same ball park are not interchangeable.

On-Going Education: ACS translators and interpreters retain their professional edge, enhancing their understanding of the language and the jargon of specialized areas of endeavor via regularly scheduled courses, lectures and seminars to which attendance is obligatory.

Privacy and Professionalism: ACS adheres to the American Translators Association Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices and to a strict Confidentiality Code that insures that your business remains, your business.

Languages: Spanish and English

Our rates are solidly competitive; quotes available in both US dollars and Euros.


Our goal is to provide exact, well-written translations with dispatch and precision; and smooth, flowing, idiomatic interpretations whatever the circumstances.


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