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Established in 1989, the Washington State Hispanic Women's Network (HWN) became a non-profit organization. Our primary mission is the creation of a supportive environment for Hispanic women where we seek:

  • To advance our professional growth;
  • To identify personal development opportunities;
  • To enhance the image of Hispanic women and youth;
  • To offer mentoring relationships with Hispanic youth;
  • To educate our community about the Hispanic culture; and
  • To encourage activities which advance cultural pride.

HWN Activities

HWN sponsors and participates in a variety of activities throughout the year. Regularly scheduled events include:

  • Ethnic Celebration
  • Youth Leadership Workshop
  • Summer Breeze Membership Drive
  • Hispanic Heritage Month—Scholarship and awards are granted for:
    • Leadership and Overcoming Adversity
    • Art Display at local Libraries
  • Christmas Celebration
    • Posada
    • Adopt-a-Family
    • Charity fund

Be part of the Hispanic Women's Network by becoming a general or associate member or by donating for a specific activity.

For further information regarding The Hispanic Women's Network, please contact:

5442 Foxglove Ct SE
Lacey, WA 98513
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